Wednesday, May 6, 2009

5/6/09: We Like Our Games Quiet Here At OSU

Last night at the Connor Senn Match, OSU officials allowed La Turbina (The Crew's Latino Supporters Section) to bring drums into the stadium at the start of the second half. Everything was cool, until a OSU security guard on a power trip decided that the drums were a sanitary hazard. I guess no one told him that our Latino section is mostly non-Mexican and as a result no swine flu can be carried in their drums. If, umm, it can be carried in a drum anyways.

Anyways, La Turbina said "fine. We will put the drums down and not play them." As La Turbina didn't want to cart their drums all the way back to their cars and miss 10 minutes of the second half. The OSU security guard on a power trip didn't like that answer, so, he said "Too much of a temptation if the drums stay. I'm calling the cops if you don't remove these drums now." The cops came and gave a look to the security guard as, "are you serious?" But, Turbina had to watch the rest of the game outside the gates. About a third of the rest of the supporters in the Nordecke in attendance, took notice and decided to join them outside the gates in a showing of unity.

But, hey at least it lead to some new chants including:
"We're not allowed to make noise."
"Drums cause crime... Drums cause crime."

As apparently drums are only allowed if you look like this:

Nice double standard, OSU! I guess their drums are more sanitary. :-)


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