Monday, May 4, 2009

5/4/09: Toronto Trying To Get A Glimpse Of The Best Fans Evar On Tour. :-)

Watch as they follow us around the stadium for a good hour! Just hoping to get a glimpse of the famous Nordecke fans on tour.

0-3-5! "You Can't Beat Us". Oh, and "where's your trophies?":

Maybe they were confused, because they have no wins against us either:

More of the scum of the Earth, praying for us to be let go early:

Maybe they just wanted to get some pictures with the best fans evar, they are seriously in love with us. Or maybe they were confused and got lost on their way to the Hannah Montana concert.

More of them trying to scare us with their rhythmatic pounding, :-). What lame ass tools:

The angry mob on the march:

"This is your house, we don't want it."

Are they talking to the steel gates:

Thanks TFC fans for your angry mob videos.


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