Sunday, May 3, 2009

5/4/09: TFC Fans Sad That Their Players Don't Acknowledge Them Like Crew Players Do With Their Fans.

Maybe your players just don't like you? Kidding. :-)

From The Footy Blog by Joe Ross:
- Shouldn't the TFC players be applauding the fans after the match, win lose or draw? Because they only seem to do it after wins. Just sayin'.

From U-Sector:
I know I'm prolly going on about this but I can't understand why the Crew fans get saluted by the Crew players in OUR stadium while our players just walk off the pitch.

I know it's disappointing we didnt win, but we stood there, jumping up and down, screaming, singing, surviving a monsoon at times all for the club and not one player came over.

Im prolly overreacting but I think its a big deal and Im not the only one....

My thoughts: Not having to ask for it is the best. Even on the few occassions we lose bad at home they at least all come over(not just one or two, the whole damn team every single time, although sometimes they look pretty torn up about it when they disappoint). They always do some clapping as a group. When they win they all clench hands and raise it up together, and then come over. Frankie and others get real into it with the fans.

We could be having a shit season so far. But, I love our players for that. It's a real symbiotic relationship. Some other team's players must not depend on it as much.


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