Monday, May 4, 2009

5/4/09: More pictures

Putting up some of my own pictures that I took at the game on Saturday. Haven't posted here in a while as pharmacy school is killing me at present but hope to be back soon. Overall I thought the game was an obvious must win and completely disappointing as we controlled corners, possession, and shots on goal. The trip up was fantastic, and aside from a few f bombs and "go back home's", can't say the atmosphere was really that intimidating. This could be just because TFC had a very conservative security plan in place for us. The biggest shock to me I guess really wasn't that the bulk of their support comes from the crazy supporter's we are accustomed to in Columbus, but really the general lay fan (which most of them took off to the warm confines of underneath the stands at the first drop of rain). The only really thing that concerned me was those motherflipping bugs, what the hell were those things?

(The last three pics as you can see they are waiting for us on the porch, behind the stadium, and out at the bus.)


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