Sunday, May 3, 2009

5/3/09: Crew vs. TFC Post Game- Dominated Most Of The Game, But Totally Lacking The Ability To Finish.

Back from Toronto:

**Crew outshot Toronto 17-5, unfornately about 15 of those were into Toronto's South End. Really everything else looked pretty spot on, especially when you take into account the missing players. If I was Warzycha I would devote about 90% percent of practice to finishing until the Crew gets it right.

**Additionally, Warzycha might have been better off substituting on a Crew fan from the upper deck for Noonan in the second half in regards to his goal opportunity. I'm pretty sure I could have finished Pat Noonan's breakaway.

**Ekpo had an improved performance yesterday. Nice to see him get one after having a shaky start to the season via being forced into the middle. Brunner does very well as a rookie and I think him and Marshall(also solid shutting down Dichio, although not a very hard task) could make an excellent pairing in the future. Both are tall, good with the headers, and don't make nearly any mistakes. Everyone played well except in the final third, especially for having 4 or 5 starters out.

**The defense was pretty good until they had a total mind fart on the Toronto goal. Barrett had two away buses of space around him on his header and Greunebaum needs to come out and run into Barrett or try to meet him to the ball. Instead of taking two steps and freezing in front of Barrett.

Greunebaum could have totally of met that and tried at least to parry that. Not sure why he was frozen on that TFC goal.

**Moreno and Schelotto were into the game in parts, but for whatever reason both just seem to have much better performances at home and elsewhere. Just never really have a solid performance in Toronto. Although I don't get why Warzycha subs off Schelotto. I don't care how gassed he is, the Crew always seem to lose the lead right after Schelotto goes out. Each lead lossed this year was after Schelotto was substituted.

**I'm kind of getting tired of the Crew finishing one out of there tons of chances, while the other team has one good chance and scores. Tough way to lose. Especially, since the Crew dominated just about every statistic in their place with 3 relatively new guys in defense, a new goalkeeper, and Gaven playing central midfield for Moffat. It seems to me like a lack of concentration (not sure how much to peg that on coaching), but we have allowed 9 out of 12 goals in the last 15 minutes of games.

**Man I'm dead today and can barely talk. We chanted our asses off. My version of Johnny Comes Marching Home took off about 5 or so times and sounded really good. Nice to have something new as on the road you get to try a lot more newer chants with a smaller crowd then what we have in the Nordecke. I also found it sort of funny the overall fascination with us from Toronto fans both during and about a hour after the game when we were finally ushered out. After Toronto scored instead of celebrating the action on the field a bunch of their fans turned around for a good while and started chanting in front of us "your in last place." Which led to "you can't beat us", "where's your trophies", "this is your house... we don't want it", and some other less classy ones like "where's your famous" as they were pretty dead chant wise for a while.

**Security was spot on and successful at their jobs. Although we probably would have liked a little more tailgating time as we were escorted in a full hour and 10 minutes before. But, being the only ones in BMO chanting for a good hour made up for the lack of brew somewhat. It almost was an enjoyable place without their fans around. :-)

After the game we stayed in the stands for what felt like a good 45 minutes. The first 15 minutes we stayed where we were at until things got a little heated chant wise with TFC fans walking underneath back to their cars. Then they moved us down to the center middle of the stands. TFC fans still stayed in the beer gardens and off to the right pining for security to hopefully release us as there is really no other reason to stay at the game for that long. Then security about 40-45 minutes after the game walked us all the way around the field to our buses. I figured they would have given up by then. But, there was two lines of security straight to our bus, with about 1,000 of them still there chanting on the far other side of the stadium.

However, nothing bad or worth noting, if it ever is anyway, happened between fans the whole game. I heard later that 3 Crew fans got into a small exchange while taking a smoke break at halftime. They picked a bad place to have a smoke. And, one got a punch and run job by some TFC fan. Kid didn't even have a bruise and was laughing about whatever joker thought he was Pacman or Hatton, but hit like he was Hannah Montana. For a TFC-Crew game it was a great success for their security. Obviously had a good plan.

**On the town, it was a great time. Met a cool Toronto girl which always makes it a better time. Thoroughly enjoyed myself, although a win would have made it better. We really need a win. But, still was enjoyable to dominate TFC at their place when they were all 100% percent confident that with our injuries and our form that their first win was a foregone conclusion against us. But, hey it's true "they still can't beat us."

Also, luckily, there is still some parity in the Eastern Conference and no one has gone off and ran away with things. As the Crew has yet to win a game but is only 7 points back of first.

**I'll have more thoughts later tonight or tomorrow.


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