Saturday, May 30, 2009

5/30/09: Crew vs. Seattle Preview

The Columbus Crew seem to be back on track going undefeated in their last six games with a (2-0-4) record. The Seattle Sounders have been stalling a little bit, getting a little draw malady as well, with four straight draws. The Columbus Crew could really benefit, no scratch that, need to get some consecutive wins strung together. Seattle could use a win as well to get back on track. In their last outing, Freddy Montero was the man of the match for Starbucks United with a goal and assist as Seattle went on to a 2-2 comeback tie on the road.

As an aside, congrats to Freddy Montero for his other success as he recently opened a new clothing line.

I hear it's for the trendy casual stalker.

Anyways, back to the game.

The Crew could really use a win and will have to shuffle the lineup with Carroll out for at least two weeks. Also, not making the trip are Moffat, Iro, Hesmer, and captain Frankie Hejduk. Hejduk seems as if he may play one game this year for the Crew and may end up playing more for the national team this summer. No player has played more for their national team then with their club team for the Crew since Panamian legend and cult hero Luis Gallardo.

Legendary Panamian footballers aside, the Crew could really use a win. However, Warzycha slipped up and did a whoopsy in a post San Jose interview, which has to make Crew fans wonder if the Crew is lacking that killer instinct in Seattle? From Shawn Mitchell's blog post "Notebook dump":

Robert Warzycha never hopes for a tie, but a slip of the tongue after Wednesday's game indicated he'd be content with a draw at Seattle on Saturday.

"Hopefully we can get a point over there," he said, wrapping up his assessment of the Sounders.

An ever engrossing, rip roaringly, entertaining assessment at that. As a side story, I wonder if Warzycha is up at 7 a.m. on the West Coast watching Everton vs. Chelsea. If he is, hopefully he gets in an afternoon nap.

Back to the comment, that I sort of have (surprise) a problem with.

Why would the Crew ever be content with a tie? Especially, with the Crew's horrid start to this season? We need points Robert. Not ties, no more ties, we have enough ties to last a season(we had six last year and we have six this year). We need wins.

If Chicago can waltz into Chivas and steal three points. There is no reason why the Crew can't do the same in Seattle. Moreno and Gaven like to fall down alot anyways, pull a McBride.

I think Robert's main problem compared to Sigi is a lack of confidence and a killer instinct. You got to go in with the attitude of "we are going to go in there and get the 3 points", even if you don't believe it. Hopefully, the praying for a tie by the coaching staff, hasn't rubbed off on the players.

You go in playing for the tie instead of the win, and you will lose.

The Crew need to go into Qwest Field, a place where Seattle is undefeated as well, and make a statement. Sure, it's nice to pick up some easier wins against San Jose or Kansas City. But, Columbus has not shown that they can beat anyone good this season. A big win in Seattle, in front of their 30,000 screaming fanboys shows that the Crew is back and everyone else better watch out.

You can also bet that if Warzycha pulls it off, that he will gain some new fanboys as well. The Warzycha bandwagon applications will run out multiple times around 12:30 a.m., that's for sure.

Marshall has the correct attitude though:

Chad Marshall didn't care that the Crew would face its old coach on Saturday.

"I'm not concerned about that," he said after Wednesday's game. "I'm more concerned about the Laker game right now than I am about Sigi Schmid and Seattle."

Schmid had some high praise for Columbus:
"There's a buzz in the city," Schmid said. "You see people waiting in bus stops wearing Sounders gear. It's not like Columbus, where maybe just the Nordecke is decked out. Everyone wears green."

Oh, I meant Seattle. Sigi could have just said, "man that city has crappy support except for the Nordecke." Yes, we all know, Seattle is great. Gosh, pat yourselves on the back some more. But, hey, Columbus used to be that way. I'm not sure if clubs like Seattle or Toronto can sustain the same support when it's no longer the new, hip thing in their city.

I bet one ends up around 14,000 a game. I'm hoping it's TFC.

Anyways, lineups... Crew will probably march out something like this with Carroll being replaced with O'Rourke or Oughton and Brunner staying in central defense. Or The Crew can start Oughton there and place O'Rourke back in central defense. Or Warzycha can do the random spurious youth thing, ala Grendi, and just throw Burns in there and see if he swims:

Seattle will probably do a little something like this. With Osvaldo Alonso probably out and Fredik Ljunburger back in, sorry I'm hungry:

The Result: Despite third grade gym teacher tactics with Warzycha looking for another tie, the Crew players want it more than Seattle's players, as they want to stick one to their former coach. Crew come into Seattle and shock the sound wave and the rest of the scarf wearing cappachino drinking fanboys with a 3-0 victory. Guillermo Barros Schelotto hat trick.


  1. Ties are no good. We might as well lose. Warzycha needs to wake up.

  2. well ill be damned, moreno got a goal, a hell of a one too!

  3. Hey Ekpo..this isnt La Liga..stay on your damn feet. What a embarassment to this crew fan. I went to the game last night. C-Bus was lucky to get a draw in this game, so take the point and be happy. Not many teams can come into quest and get three. I the only loss that they have there is when they played a man down almost the entire game against KC and only lost 1-0...

  4. I don't necessarily think that the Crew should be overly disappointed with this one and I don't think that they should be happy with just a draw. I don't know about you guys but I thought that the game was very even. The Crew had their chances and so did Seattle.

    A little confused as to why Warzycha didn't start Schelotto. If anything bench Moreno. I guess I can't complain though as it seemed worked out.

    Ekpo is funny =D But you can't just ride Ekpo on this. Most of our team flops pretty good (Moreno, Rogers, Padula, Ekpo, Schelotto, Gaven, etc.)