Friday, May 29, 2009

5/29/09: Comments- Crew vs. Quakes, Crew vs. Seattle

The 300 pound polar bear in the room.

According to Craig Merz, Rookie defender Eric Brunner, who assisted Eddie Gaven and who the fans want to become Marshall's new partner in the middle of defense said on the San Jose game:
"That was the mentality I had and the whole defense had," he said. "We definitely didn't want to give up a late goal. I know 85 minutes in I looked at the clock and told Chad (Marshall), Jed (Zayner) and Gino (Padula), 'We're not giving anything up.'"

That's the attitude.

Andy G on Simon Elliot's MMA takedown on Brian Carroll:

"It looked pretty vicious from my angle," Crew goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum said. "It looked like he grabbed him and slammed him to the floor. It was like a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) takedown."

Sigi says winning against friends is sweeter. All isn't that cuddily:
“I always have a saying that you always want to win when you play friends,” Schmid said Thursday. “If you’re playing somebody you don’t know, you only hear about it that day. If you’re playing friends, you hear about it for a long time. You always want to get the win when you’re playing friends because it gives you bragging rights for a little bit of time. So that’s what this is all about.”

Nobody can hate nobody's. Sounders fans actually think people hate them, sorry, unless you're Chicago, TFC, or DC you will get no real hatred this way. Have to earn your stripes.

According to USA Today, when he walked off the plane after Columbus won the MLS Cup title last year, Ezra Hendrickson immediately noticed the Crew fans who showed up at the airport with signs pleading for team management to keep Sigi Schmid as head coach.

"He's a loved man there," said Hendrickson, now one of Schmid's assistants in Seattle.

Not anymore. Sigi basically betrayed Columbus.

Robbie Rogers Wants To Take It To Sigi:
"I know Sigi was always trying to protect me from getting whacked and hacked and kicked but now he might tell his players to do the same thing. It's going to be real physical," he said. "There's going to be over 30,000 people there. All of us are really excited to go there and try to take three points. A win would be awesome. I'm definitely looking forward to going in there and trying to take it to Sigi."

Sigi not the be all end all, by any means:
"Sigi obviously came in and built something, but he didn't do it alone," Gruenebaum said. "He's a great coach but we're just as motivated if not more to play for Bobby."

Result: This means alot to the Crew players and coaching staff. This only means alot to Sigi Schmid, Ezra Hendrickson, and Brad Evans on the other side. The Crew as a result will win this and get some good form going finally.


  1. From what I remember we made hardly any serious attempts to resign Sigi during the season. One could take from that as to mean if we imploded and didn't make the playoffs, Sigi would have been gone anyway. And with wanting to be closer to his family, I cannot blame him for doing a little browsing after the Cup. We should have tried to sign him in mid season because he is a good coach, not wait and see if he gets us to LA and then try. Granted this year has had injuries/call ups, but there is no way I can see RW having us in the cup last year. I have no hard feelings toward Sigi, and I really hope we don't set a verbal fire towards him on October 3rd. Without Sigi we would not have those champion patches on our jerseys this year. He doesn't owe us anything.

  2. Columbus matched the offer. Sigi can be offended for whatever reason? But the fact is that midseason Sigi did nothing yet for the Crew. He had two losing seasons before then. What if he loses in the first round? It wouldn't have been good enough for two previous miserable seasons. Columbus matched the offer at the end of the day, and he left. Simple as that.

    He doesn't owe us anything, but I don't think we owe him any tears or anything.

  3. i thought his family was on the west coast and that was why (or a big reason to say the least)