Friday, May 29, 2009

5/29/09: Chicago Steals More Points On Phantom Calls

Remember the Padula red card(that wasn't) on Blanco. Where Blanco fell down and cried like he was hit by a sniper and then Blanco fanboy Marrufo just had to blow the whistle and give the red. Well, Chitown is at it again, cheating their way to the trophy and proud of it. McBride said on this call that he felt two hands on his back and decided to fall down. Well, McBride's cheating was awarded as Blanco took the PK, struck it, and then all the hunchback's fanboys went wild.

Sickening MLS. The refs are in Blanco and Chicago's little pocket. Wonder if McBride threw a jersey after the game to the ref.


  1. "hunchback's fanboys went wild"LMFAO
    Yeah I watched that and i'm like WTF ever! The Chicago Divers! There were like 20 other fouls that weren't called and then u call this

  2. It's a sad day to be a McJudas fan.

  3. lol @ all of this

  4. lol preki's face