Thursday, May 28, 2009

5/28/09: Brian Carroll Out Indefinitely After A MMA Takedown. Best Fit For A Long Term Replacement Would Be Moffat.

From Shawn Mitchell's post game blog:
The Crew suffered a big loss when Brian Carroll was injured in the second half. The midfield rock had played every minute of every game prior to suffering a badly dislocated shoulder after getting tangled up with Simon Elliott(I'll add the video of it shortly, through screen capture since MLS didn't put it in their quick kicks). Carroll came off in the 69th minute. He might have surgery on Thursday. He is out indefinitely.

"To lose BC in the middle of our field – he’s kind of the heart and soul of the team," Robbie Rogers said. "It’s going to be difficult."

Coach Robert Warzycha said he would rather have lost the game than have lost Carroll.

Elliott, who fell on top of Carroll after he appeared to sort of horse-collar Carroll in their weird entanglement, said he had no ill intent.

"It was certainly not malicious by any means," Elliott said. "I certainly didn't mean to do anything like that. I wish him all the best."

Micheal Arace talks about the no calls that led to Brian Carroll's injury.

The injury:

My thoughts: Brian Carroll is a crucial part to the Crew's successful lineup. No one that we currently have, other than Brian Carroll, can play that position like he can. Maybe... It's a big loss, but no reason to hit a panic button yet. You have Duncan Oughton(possibly lost a step) and Danny O'Rourke(wasn't too hot at DM before) who could possibly slot in. But, I don't think either can give us what Moffat can. Adam Moffat is likely to be back for Seattle who plays a very similar position to Carroll when Moffat is on the field. All you have to ask of Moffat is not to take as many offensive foray's, which I think Moffat can handle. Moffat's tenacity and toughness is a good fit for a defensive midfield position.

In a way the depth works out okay because with Moffat back before this injury. The Crew would have had to decide whether to keep their current midfield or bench Ekpo for Moffat.

My expected lineup from hereon in, or at least the one I want:

No doubt it's going to be a tougher year without BC. Do the Crew focus a possible summer trade now on the defensive midfield position instead of the position everyone was worried about, striker? I think the Crew should try out Moffat and only Moffat there. I think Moffat is the only person capable of a Carroll-like effort. If it doesn't work as well, then they are going to have to make some sort of swap out of necessity.

If anything the loss of Carroll, makes it even less likely that you will see a striker move made. Because then the staff could be saying, "yes we could use a better finisher, but we could use someone like Carroll as well." However, who knows if there is anyone out there that will fit in as nicely as Carroll has.


  1. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Moffat is gonna be out for a little while. He is definitely not playing Saturday at Seattle.

  2. Truth. I think we'll be seeing Ole Danny Boy in that spot against Seattle. Awesome.

  3. Yeah, I meant more as a long term season replacement since Carroll will likely be out for the year.

  4. Ah yes... That makes more sense now that I read the "expected lineup from here on in"... Yeah