Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5/27/09: Another Extension? Coach Schelotto? Schelotto Loves Columbus & Columbus Says Right Back At You.

Picture: Guillermo Barros Schelotto, with one of his three young sons, walking outside the Nordecke during a game off last year, already looking like a natural in the sideline suit. (Picture by: Sam Fahmi)

Schelotto loves Columbus and wants to stay in Columbus for a while(read Dispatch article highlights below). The best game plan I can think of, is to sign Schelotto to an extension for next season as Schelotto obviously still has it and is the engine of the team. Every time Schelotto comes off late in a game, the Crew starts to fall apart and loses a lead. Then make Schelotto an assistant coach and then make him(or Frankie) the head coach after Warzycha's era, however long or short that happens to be. Schelotto is wildly popular among Crew fans and as long as he keeps working hard on his English lessons, I think Guille would make a great coach.

But, first things first. Let's hope for one more year after this with Schelotto as our DP. I believe that Schelotto said to the Crew, when he got the designated player deal at the end of last year, that if you want to extend that deal to 2010 as well, go right ahead.

Apparently age or a downturn in ability hasn't set in. If anything Schelotto is even better this year. So, go right ahead. Please!

From today's Columbus Dispatch Article From Shawn Mitchell entitled "Columbus feeling like home for Schelotto":

On Columbus:
"When I come here in 2007, I thought I'd play one year and go back. Now it's the third year. I love it here. The people, the life, the city. I want to stay here with my family."

According to Mitchell, Schelotto said he would like to go into coaching after he retires, perhaps at the end of this season or the next. He is not keen on returning to Argentina, where violence and crime are a part of the chaotic nature of the sport.

Moreno on Schelotto staying in Columbus:
"In Columbus his family is safe and it's easy to get used to the lack of traffic, the lack of stress," Moreno said. "The media and the fans are not hounding him. Why not consider it a place for him to stay?"

On his goal scoring prowress this season:
"Maybe now I am playing a little more ahead because (coach Robert Warzycha) asked for me and Alejandro (Moreno) to stay in the box," Schelotto said. "But for me, it's the same, goals or assists -- I like to score, but I'd trade a goal for winning the next game."

On his rapid learning of the English language:
Schelotto's command of a new language has helped him morph from Argentine mercenary to valued leader. Schelotto's wore the captain's armband when captain Frankie Hejduk missed six games because of injury and national-team duty.

McCullers on Schelotto:
"You start wondering whether you can take him off the field at end of a game," McCullers said. "The one time we kept him on, that's the game we won."

"He's giving it up all over the field. That's leadership. Everyone keeps talking about his age, but he's on a mission."

The Nordecke on Schelotto: We strongly voice our approval (first 50 seconds).

My thoughts: Schelotto is a natural born leader. The longer we can keep him (and players like Frankie) in Columbus playing and then coaching the more promising the future of the franchise is.

A guy that has won 19 championships and is a legend in Argentina(now a legend here in his own right) wants to stay in Columbus. What a steal. And, as a Crew fan something to be downright giddy about.

Think it's about time for a new Guillermo chant idea.


  1. i know this chick that works at the stadium, and she said that guille always sings the chants in the shower.