Tuesday, May 26, 2009

5/26/09: Ljungberg To Be Ready For Seattle Against The Crew?

From The Seattle Times:
Freddie Ljungberg says only 1 percent of migraine sufferers experience the kind he does, the kind that forced the Sounders FC midfielder to miss the past two games.

They cause him vision loss, numbness on one side of the body and vomiting, and the only way to get over the headaches is plenty of rest in a darkened room.

The good news is that the worst of this migraine appears to be over for Ljungberg, who practiced Monday. If he can regain his strength and avoid another headache by the end of this week, he says, he should be ready to play Saturday when Seattle hosts the Columbus Crew.

My thoughts: Man, Seattle knew they had to contend with some bad hips with Ljuenberg. But, they didn't probably also know that they had to contend with migranes.


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