Monday, May 25, 2009

5/26/09: Yallop & San Jose Can Relate To Warzycha & The Crew, But Are In A Much Worse Situation.

Yallop has more to contend with then Warzycha in this match. This game is a must win for the Crew because everything, and I mean everything points the Crew's way for a victory.

Warzycha & The Crew can relate to Yallop & San Jose. And, I wouldn't be too surprised if Warzycha and Yallop head to a Mitchell's Steakhouse on Tuesday night to share their woe-ish stories in a "you too" therapy/dinner session.

Yes, the Crew and San Jose have had a similiar headache filled 9 games. Except San Jose is even worse off with only 5 points in 9 games and 6 losses compared to the Crew with their 9 points in 9 games and 2 losses. The main difference between the two teams is that San "Loo-se" just likes to lose a lot and the Columbus "everybody wins!" Crew likes to tie a lot. Record wise, the Crew has four more ties(1-2-6) compared to San Jose's four more losses(1-6-2). Competition wise, the Crew have actually played well as of late. Columbus should have won their last five games compared to San Jose who didn't even give themselves a chance against Houston on Saturday, allowing two goals in the first 12 minutes. San Jose was the only team in a tie bonanza weekend who were extremely outplayed.

Now San Jose, after a game 3 days ago and missing out on Memorial Day festivities with their families back in California, have to travel from Houston to Columbus for another game. If you forget for a moment that they have the best jobs in the world, you may feel a bit sorry for them.

Frank Yallop said the following on his team's contributions this season:
"Nobody is playing out their skin right now, which is what wins you games," said Yallop. "They're all kind of doing OK which in this league is not quite good enough because you're going up against guys who are talented."

For a team that has not been playing out of their skin. The stars are not aligning for San Jose to start doing so now after a big defeat, only three days rest, and traveling away from their homes on a holiday. San Jose's equation of currently crummy circumstances is unlikely to lead to an inspiring performance for them on Wednesday.

San Jose's equally uninspiring start has been surprising as well. San Jose was a team predicted(along with Toronto FC) to be 2009's version of the Crew. They have plenty of talent with a roster that includes players like Huckerby, Convey, Weaver, Johnson, Alvarez, Cannon, etc. They were an expansion team that made a run for the playoffs last season and looked poised for more success with great offseason acquistions.

But, it hasn't been going the way of San Jose so far. From MLSNet:
The San Jose manager (Yallop) admitted there isn't any magic bullet he can fire to turn around the team's fortunes. All he can do is roll up his sleeves and keep working with the group he has.

"There's no tricks to this game, there's no tricks to coaching, there's no tricks to how you play the game," said Yallop. "It's still 90 minutes and it's still 11 on 11. You can change formations, you can change players, but the group of players we have and the way we're playing is not getting it done at the moment. Obviously I'm the one that's able to change that."

Sounds almost like something that could come out of Warzycha's mouth. The difference is that the Crew have everything aligning for a victory, while Yallop and San Jose do not. Yallop could have an excuse or two if the result does not go his way. Crew have four more ties, four less losses, 11 days rest compared to 3, a nice holiday with the family back at home and time to clear their heads, and have been much more competitive recently in the league.

If the Crew doesn't win this game. A game where there is no excuse for a tie or a loss at home, heads could roll.

It's not a good omen that the last time an away team won at Columbus Crew Stadium, was San Jose, almost a year ago today.

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  1. lack of 3 point games suck, but honestly, every game has been very exciting in my opinion.