Monday, May 25, 2009

5/25/09: Crew Roster Shakeup Talk

Noonan will either get more time on the field to see what he can do, or he will be possibly shipped elsewhere.

According to Shawn Mitchell's "Last Place Champs". The Crew are not looking for changes yet. But, basically if the Crew don't start scoring, changes could be made, and the read between the lines seems to indicate either Noonan or Moreno moving:
"We just need to finish," coach Robert Warzycha said. "When you're scoring only one goal a game you're always going to ask yourself if you have players on the bench who can score more goals. Maybe you use them. ... Or maybe you bring somebody new in."

For all of the Crew's troubles, Warzycha, McCullers and Crew technical director Brian Bliss are still in mulling mode. A shakeup to a roster full of players who won a championship six months ago isn't afoot. Yet.

"At some point you have to do something different," Warzycha said. "We're playing good soccer but if we're not going to win games we're going to have to change something."

When discussing possible moves:
The Crew has a quality veteran languishing on the bench behind Schelotto in Pat Noonan, although team brass would like to get the versatile but highly-paid Noonan more minutes in other positions to see if he can put his stamp on the attack.

It could also attempt to deal Moreno, although the Venezuelan is a valued workhorse who has been adept at drawing fouls, giving the ever-dangerous Schelotto free-kick opportunities.

The Crew is in mulling mode. I think whether the scoring starts against San Jose and Seattle will determine what type of way the Crew goes.


  1. I say replace Moreno with Noonan for a game and see how it goes. I don't quite know what to think about a move like that considering they aren't exactly similar in the way that they play, but hell, why not?

  2. PALERMO!!! Well, if we move both Noonan and Moreno of course...

  3. I would like to see noonan up top too. Give him a chance he seems to look capable in his limited mins.


  5. Yessss, Moreno is no good enought for this team!!!Noonan or Lenhart have to play in fron with Guille.