Saturday, May 23, 2009

5/23/09: Something Afoot Trade Wise?

Decision time for the Crew brass. San Jose and Seattle game will be crucial to see what sort of move or non-move the Crew makes. (Picture By Kiichiro Sato, AP Photo)

After reading Mitchell's "What to do, what to do", it seems that the Crew at the moment has no clue what direction they are headed. A week or two ago, Mitchell said that possibly Noonan or Moreno could be moved for salary space. Now add a possible move to Europe for Ekpo, Rogers, or Marshall to the list.

The preference of the club and manager Mark McCullers is pretty obvious and shared by the supporters:
“My preference is for this team to come into form,” McCullers said. “That’s the best result for everybody, to achieve the expectations that we set out at beginning of year. We’ll get some time off, come back with a home game against San Jose and go from there.

“I do think we need to shake things up and try to break out of the slump we’re in. That’s not pointing fingers at anybody but I don’t think you can just hope its going to change. You have to try to do something to break this momentum that we have, this momentum that is not good.”

My thoughts: Although Rogers, Ekpo, or Marshall could head overseas at some point, that time isn't now. Rogers hasn't had the most spectacular year yet but is a crucial midfield component, Ekpo has been excellent in the last few weeks, and our defense becomes about 50% percent of it's current self if Marshall goes.

I think if a move has to be made, it has to be for someone who is not performing or not even playing. Right now I think it would hurt the Crew more to get rid of Marshall, Ekpo, or Rogers then it would hurt to get rid of Noonan or Moreno. I think if you combined the two strikers, the Crew could get a pretty good striker for their salaries while not hurting any other position. But, that might not be the best option either.

My preference as well is to keep a good team together and sometimes if you mess with a good team, especially by getting rid of someone I think is poised to have a great year yet in Ekpo, Rogers, and Marshall, then it could lead to a much worse stituation.

Getting rid of one hell of a player(Ekpo, Rogers, Marshall) for a question mark striker isn't the solution. I think if a move has to be made, it has to be made for someone not performing or playing. It also has to be a straight up positional trade.

Additionally, I'm not giving up on Moreno. I think he had a hell of a goal against Chicago and will get it together. Just when the team isn't finishing that is the first place everyone looks no matter what else the player does during the game. Fans can't help it the world over.

Anyways, possibly no trade is needed and all the Crew has to do is switch the lineup up for a few games. Maybe throw another striker up top. Or when Moffat comes back, we can try either Rogers or Ekpo up top at striker, I think both can play there. Or try Noonan or Lenhart up top next game to shake things up as McCullers wants.

What do you think is going to happen? Any predictions? I have a feeling that June will be a lot more interesting on the transfer market for the Crew. Although, the fans, the team, the coach, and the manager didn't want that to be the case at all. It is, what it is and the Crew will find wins somehow.

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  1. lol @ "when moffat comes back".. we have been hearing that for how long????