Saturday, May 23, 2009

5/23/09: Crew Support In Seattle.

Apparently there is a group of Ohio transplants in Seattle who will have their own block to support the Crew next Saturday at Qwest Field.

The facebook link for the group is here.

If you haven't heard the buzz around town, Seattle's getting a new pro soccer team.

Well, the 2008 MLS Champion Columbus Crew are coming to town on May 30th to take them on. Let's give them a big Ohio-transplant welcome.

If you'd like to join a group of fans dressed in yellow and black, please accept this invitation - and invite your friends. Or, if you just want to check out a game, tailgate, and celebrate a sure win, there's nothing like being a visitors' fan in pro sports!

Tickets are $20. We'll have block seating in Section 204.


Has 20 guests, plus 10 maybes, and with some people that I know traveling the Crew should have a pretty decent group of away fans.

Deck the town yellow and black, and hopefully the big man(Sigi) won't get confused on what block to go to after the game.

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