Sunday, May 17, 2009

5/17/09: Crew vs Galaxy- Shambolic Finish Once Again, Time For Some Ch-Ch-Changes.

Eddie Lewis winds up for his goal scoring tie against the impenetrable Andy Greunebaum.

**To start out with, Eric Brunner is probably 20 times the player O'Rourke is. Lets just seal the deal on the O'Rourke saga and put Brunner in central defense as the full time starter. Brunner has better height, in all probability much better speed and skills, and definitely more patience. He is also less likely to put this team in a stituation to give up late minute red cards or penalty kicks.

Oh, and we still get that hometown feel. Probably the main reason O'Rourke gets a free pass as often as he does.

**Warzycha with the ties is starting to wear out his welcome. If we are dominating a game, keep playing at that same level. Instead of bunkering once we get a goal. We played a scared last 15 minutes against a team that has one(maybe two) good players in Donovan and Ricketts.

**I'm pretty confident that each late game tie we have had, or at least all but one has come after Guillermo has been subbed out. I don't know what that means, but it almost seems like the Crew hits the off switch as soon as Guillermo hits the bench.

**We need a real striker. We dominated a very poor LA Galaxy team all game. It should have been 4-0. But, our attack has no finishing ability. Moreno and Gaven like to beat the last defender and then fall down a lot(I guess it's easier to hope for a phantom PK foul then actually try to finish a good scoring opportunity). And, Moreno just does not have any speed. If the guy had speed he would be a dream striker, he would probably be the best striker in MLS with all of his other attributes. But, he is just too slow and can't finish.

Come July we need to find ourselves a 20 goals a year striker.

**Rogers needs to get confident again and not be scared to take on glorious defenders (roll eyes) like Tony "Big Cat" Sanneh.

**How was the opportunity with Guillermo in the 84th not converted? Whoever Guillermo passed it to, I think Moreno, needs to go to finishing school.

**Overall, maybe Warzycha is just a bad coach. It's not the end of the world. We all like the guy. But, some players are just good players and don't translate into competent coaches.

It's just hard to find anywhere else to point to when the Crew are 100 times the team based on skills and overall ability then the LA team they faced today. But, they can't finish any of their opportunities, finally finish a gift, then they bunker down and cower against a sh*t side instead of going for the juggular in the last 15 minutes.

The late ties, all six of them, sort of show that maybe, just maybe the game plan after we get a lead needs to be switched up. That means not to cower, but to play the same game that got you the lead in the first place.

One could say on our previous ties, as Mitchell did, that they were all against good sides. Well, LA is not a good team at all. They are awful in just about every facet of the game. It's just unacceptable to tie a game that your side has the ability to win 4-0. It's unacceptable to cower against crap sides, because even old foggies and USL talents are going to finish a chance at some point over 90 minutes if you do so.


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