Thursday, May 14, 2009

5/14/09: Legendary Duncan Oughton

Duncan is 9th on the Crew's all time games played with 128. (Pic by Reuters)

From Craig Merz's Article, Oughton Makes His Mark In Columbus:

Duncan on Columbus-
"In retrospect, at the time of the draft it was a big move for me but now it couldn't have gone any better," he said. "I've met some amazing people in Columbus through soccer. I met the woman of my dreams, now my wife (Carly), and live in a great place.

"The people here are pretty friendly. It's comfortable. It's a very nice spot. It reminds me, besides not having any beaches or sea around, a little bit of New Zealand, the way the people are."

Duncan on his role-
"I feel like I'm playing pretty well right now. I'm battling for a starting spot. I'm pushing the guys who are in front of me. I want to be on the field as much as anybody else," he said. "Whenever I'm called on in whatever role it will be I'll be ready. I'm training as hard as I can and trying to keep everyone in front of me honest."

Warzycha on Duncan-
"In the last game I brought him in because he has leadership and knows how to close the games. Maybe I didn't do that before and I should have," Warzycha said. "He didn't have to play and you don't have to start to be a leader. That's what I'm looking for from him.

"With the schedule we have with the Open Cup and the Champions League it's not going to be possible to play the same team all the time. You're going to have to rest some guys and rotate. Who you have on the bench is going to be very important and Duncan will be needed."

Duncan with New Zealand vs. New Caledonia, September 10th 2008


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