Wednesday, May 13, 2009

5/13/09: First, McBride to Rival Chicago, Now Stern John to Rival TFC

The only person that seems hyped for a Stern John return is TFC captain Jim Brennan.

Stern John who voiced his interest, a week ago, about possibly coming back to the Crew and MLS in a year, and also possibly starting a soccer school on the side in Columbus, seems to be not garnering much interest from Crew fans with John's current form. There seems to be a no thanks attitude, based on his current form + his big price tag + the Crew's lack of salary cap space. It's not only the Crew fans who are not too keen on John in their kit, but English lower level sides are not enticed of late either. Especially with his form at Bristol City (2 goals in 24 appearances over the last two seasons, although John was instrumental in helping Southampton; Nevertheless, that was back in 2007). As of this week, both Southampton and Bristol City have cut ties with Stern John.

From This Is
Bristol City Boss Gary Johnson stated, "I was disappointed with Stern's involvement towards the end of the season and I left him out because I didn't feel he was giving us anything. Until you get to know that, you have to play him to see if he can give you the sort of game you are looking for."

However, one person seems to be keen about Stern John's return and that is TFC captain Jim Brennan:
John has had offers to return to cross the Atlantic from one player who was a genuine Ashton Gate favourite.

Canada international left-back Jim Brennan has remained a firm friend of John's since their time together with Nottingham Forest and is now with Toronto FC.
"Jimmy and myself will always be friends," said John, who scored 96 goals in 65 internationals.

"We'll always stick together. I spoke to Jimmy online and he keeps talking about me going back to the MLS. I fancy going back there, but not just yet. I want to play in England for another season or two."

Brennan to Stern on AOL: Eh, those C-bus fans in cowtown are a bunch of fricken hick losers, you ought to come up to a real winner, up here at BMO, m'kay?


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