Tuesday, May 12, 2009

5/12/09: MLS Loosens Academy Rules

Picture by John Dorton

According to the New York Post:
Now teams can sign TWO academy players to a Generation Adidas deal instead of just one; they can ink four prospects per year, up from two; and other clubs can no longer raid their prospects, good news for talent-rich academies like New York.

"They're very positive, very welcome. The people who've invested in their academies will benefit from this,'' sporting director Jeff Agoos told the Post. "It puts emphasis on developing players, not just one, but plural. There's a plurality in this rule that's much welcomed by this club and clubs around league.''

My thoughts: Good news since the Crew has a good academy. But, bad news because there is no reserve team to put them all on. Seriously, MLS has to bring back a reserve schedule and teams if academies are ever going to work.


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