Thursday, April 9, 2009

4/9/09: Huh? That's Random.

**I love when websites read something from a year ago assuming it's still 2008 and then post it online.

According to Tribal Football, things will have to change for Toronto after a 2-0 loss to Columbus. Carver said: "One thing is for sure, I am going to be making changes to the side. I'm not going to say what those changes are, but there will be changes in personnel. We've changed a few things and done a lot of work defensively this week."

Or maybe Carver is just stuck on 2008's home opener at Crew Stadium, like 99% percent of Toronto fans.

**I received an email from Kyle Sheldon, DC's manager of new media and public relations today about pimping a "DC Rookie video":

A humorous video starring Ben Olsen, Santino Quaranta, Bryan Namoff, Rodney Wallace and Chris Pontius: view here.

Sort of random as I was confused when Crewture became a DC United fan site. But, since it's tertially related to a good cause, the malaria nets campaign, I posted the link above.

I couldn't help but wonder how the hell Quaranta, Namoff, Wallace, or Pontius were getting bit by mosquito's in early April.

**MLS-Rumors has the hot scoop on the Crew's Noorzai/Las Vegas side story. Apparently, truth central hasn't heard about Noorzai dropping his bid and Clark Hunt stating "the Crew will be here for the next 50 years at least." But, anyways, what is apparently news is some random Columbus attorney who is a diehard Blue Jackets fan having a theory. What random blogger doesn't. Anyways, the dude probably just wants the Blue Jackets to be the only playoff game in town.

So, hey, make a blog and start writing random thoughts about the Crew moving to Las Vegas and all of a sudden it's a hot rumor again. :-)


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