Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4/29/09: Crewspiracy- Ever See A Ref Do This Before?

More evidence: After the first goal Marrufo actually runs up to Greunebaum demanding for the ball and then hands it to Blanco. I never have seen a referee actually attempt to speed up a game after a goal and have a faster restart. What is the motivation for that?

If anything it shows what side Marrufo was rooting for more than anything. As a result, no wonder Blanco is imparting thank you gifts for fabricated fouls and faster restarts. Still, Fire fans actually defend little pathetic Blanco, even after he said that their own fans were garbage. If that happened in Columbus I can guarentee that player would be out of town quicker than one could say "fired."

But, no Blanco, it's actually you and Marrufo who are the garbage. So, it's not surprising that Crew fans actually mistook you for a trash bin. Your retirement can't come soon enough.


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