Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4/29/09: Clearly, We Deserve Butter.

I found it sort of amusing that the Red Patch Boys frontpage skewed the Crew's name a little bit in preparation for the upcoming match. So, I figured I would add my own recommendations in the spirit of fun times. FULL SCREENSHOT of recommendations to add a little extra passion to their frontpage.

First, Twitter is just kind of lame. So, that should be expanded upon.
Secondly, TFC fans need to get a new image instead of the current douche snoggle's who have been on the message board link forever. As a patron before Crew games it concerns me. I say everyone deserves better images of fans.

Something that encapsulates the real passion of being a TFC fan... You know "that come on you Reds, let's score a goal eh? So, I can go back to the igloo and stare at my Carver framed picture while little tears come pouring out of my eyes" pride. So, what about these?

The winner, like it was any question is "WE DESERVE BUTTER!" I'm pulling for them to march with this banner again, a true classic epic banner. And, I want to reward them. So, ask for butter and you shall receive some butter Northern rivals, a trojan horse like gift.. A sculpture of butter with a bus and a cow. If of course, you win the Trillum Cup. If you win (haha, made me laugh for a sec, the thought of) all the butter your little hearts desire becomes yours.

I personally think they wouldn't know what to do with all that butter.

Us on the other hand.. Butter and Trillum cups is what we do.


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