Monday, April 27, 2009

4/27/09: Former Crew Player & Columbus Native Nick Theslof Out Of Bayern Munich With Klinsmann

Jurgen Klinnsmann was sacked by Bayern Munich today with the German power three points from first place. Former Crew player and Columbus native Nick Theslof was Jurgen Klinsmann's assistant with the German National Team and then as of yesterday with Bayern Munich. Theslof, a Crew player plagued with injuries from 1997-2000, is now out of a job as well with Klinsmann.

Theslof's road to Germany started with a playing career with the Cleveland Crunch. Then In 1992, Theslof as a youth left his home in Columbus, Ohio as a sixteen year old to join PSV Eindhoven. Theslof then played at UCLA and was with the Crew, and then the Orange County Waves until injuries led to an early retirement. Theslof's connection with Klinsmann was through the Orange County Waves (renamed "Blue Stars") . Klinsmann played in the twilight of his career with Orange County and Theslof was then Klinsmann's coach. When Klinsmann got the call to be the head coach of Germany and Bayern, Theslof followed.

Now with both fired and back in the States, it should be interesting to see where Theslof and Klinsmann end up. This is still premature, but this may be a little article to highlight if Warzycha doesn't find some wins in the next five games. I also would wonder how much of Klinsmann's ear Theslof has. But, if the Crew can't afford to pay Sigi Schmid correctly, there is no way they can afford to pay Klinsmann.

On the other hand, Theslof may be someone to keep tabs on if the Crew misses the playoffs this year.


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