Sunday, April 26, 2009

4/26/09: Carver Bails With His Tail Between His Legs

A couple weeks ago Carver was on top of the world as he just tied the Crew in Columbus on a Padula own goal, :-). He had to tell the Crew fans to be quiet as he had just showed them what was up through a tepid tie that TFC never deserved. Now he bails on TFC 6 games in, classic:

Plain and simple, Carver was an untalented toolbag and that's why he quit. The only person that needs to shut up and just coach is Carver. All he did was whine about refs, internationals, and whatever other excuses he had during his time in MLS.

Now he can go do it back at Tyneside:

Back to Newcastle to yell at the superior Championship level refs.

And what's most classic is the TFC fans just made "In Carver We Trust" scarfs:

TFC fan quote:
So what are we going to do with all our " In Carver We Trust" scarfs that I believe that a lot of you have ordered but not recieved yet, should be interesting. I have been quite proud to wear mine this year. I even had JC sign it at the event he and DeRo did at BMO.

Brillant in that sense, :-). Non-brillant in the sense that I think TFC will actually be a better team without Carver. Carver wasn't on the sideline Wednesday and they beat Chivas.


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