Saturday, April 25, 2009

4/25/09: Nordecke Big In Japan.

The above screen shot comes from 週刊サッカーダイジェスト, or "Weekly Soccer Digest". The link comes from Dan Orlowitz who lives in Tokyo and sent me the following email:

Greetings from Tokyo! I left a comment on your blog a while ago... I still read it to be envious of how a real supporter group is run. My team (FC Tokyo) is wallowing in 15th place and our main supporters groups are hurting because of it. Anyway, I have something of substance for you! This article is a weekly column about soccer culture, this week written by a Japanese soccer photographer. I'm just waking up after an all-nighter so I'm not of sound mind to do a full translation, but the gist of it is that he's talking about the atmosphere of the American game in comparison to the Japanese scene and he speaks very highly of American supporters and the stadium atmosphere. How appropriate that as an example he'd use a Nordecke photo! Here's a 300DPI version which you can slim down for the blog if you want. I can translate the article if you'd like but it'll be a couple days as I'm swamped with photography duties of my own this weekend.In any case if you could credit this to Dan and add a link to my FCTokyo blog ( it would be much appreciated ;-) Keep up the good work!-Dan
Check out Dan's Blog Here.

Full size picture.


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