Thursday, April 23, 2009

4/23/09: Schelotto Taking Charge of Team

Schelotto having an even better year according to Warzycha. (G. Bartram/Getty)

From Craig Merz's article "Crew hitched to Schelotto's wagon."

Schelotto on this year:
"I feel real good. I don't know if I'm better than last year," he said. "On the field we have no wins yet but we should have won with Toronto and Colorado and not lost to Chivas. Our play is very good at times."

"We want to win like last year. We got the feeling of a championship," Schelotto said. "We know we should improve. We've got 25 games yet but the team should be better against Chicago."

Zayner on Schelotto:
"It's been a privilege playing with the guy. Not only is he one of the top players in the league he is one of the classiest, nicest, most professional guys you'll ever meet. He could be pompous but he's a great guy. He's been in tip-top form. He's really taking charge of the team."

Assistant Ricardo Iribarren on Schelotto:
"I always knew he was a fantastic player but his professionalism is amazing," Iribarren said. "After winning everything -- he won the MLS Cup, he won the MVP -- he started the preseason like he was 18 years old. He worked really hard. He's been playing fantastic.


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