Sunday, April 19, 2009

4/19/09: Moreno's Two Worlds

Moreno talks to OSU students. (Eric Albrecht/ Columbus Dispatch)

A great look into Moreno's background and how he balances playing here and in Venezuela, by Shawn Mitchell.

"I'm a man without a country," he said. "Sometimes I feel more American than some of the guys who were born here. But I can go to Venezuela and feel as Latino as Latino can be. I'm living a double life."

"It means something to wear our national team jersey now," Moreno said. "In the past, after games our players would run over to try to exchange jerseys with the best player on the other team. Now, we get trounced by Argentina 4-0 like we did (in March), we walk straight off the field. It's nothing to be proud of."

Moreno is referred to by teammates and television commentators as "Gringo" because he lives and plays in the U.S. Moreno said the nickname is a playful jab.

Gringo Moreno scores against Ecuador:


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