Friday, April 17, 2009

4/17/09: Claddagh's Roof Tomorrow Morning For Chicago Crowd Banner Tifo Demonstration. Come Help!

From the supporter's Chicago tifo plan thread, I just wanted to re-post it here for those who don't check the supporters threads:

Here's the plan:

Place:Claddagh's Roof (9 Rush said he got confirmation that it's cool)

Start time: 10 a.m. tomorrow
(need at least 5 there by then to get materials. Would be nice to have everyone there with a $20 then but I know some people will go out on a Friday. If you can get here by then it would be great. We'll head over to Easton or the closest store to pick up materials then.)
At least try to get there by 11 a.m. when it openswith your money
Later is fine as well if your pitching in some time and some cash. (Rather have some more help then none.)

I can do it from 10 a.m. to 3 or 4 p.m. that's 6 or 7 hours. I have to do it that early because I need to devote considerable time on Saturday to my law outlines as well. And, I should be devoting even more time. Hopefully it will not take much longer with more hands. Might take less than that, not sure. If I'm done at 4 p.m. That gives me til about 2 a.m to work on outlines. 10 hours. Going to be a long day but whatever.

I say whoever can get there around 8 a.m. We throw our money together. Have some people go over to Easton (not sure if there is anything closer) buy the sheets, paint, brushes, spray paint.

13.50 X 6= $81 dollars
13.50 X 9= $120 dollars
13.50 X 12= $159 dollars

12 would be double this, which would be extremely massive:

Paint tubes 1.50 a piece think we will need 15 black and 10 yellow, that should be safe, maybe even too much.

1.50 X 10= $15 dollars
1.50 X 15= $22 dollars or so

Brushes are usually cheap, maybe $15 or 20

Spray paint is a good filler just a couple of cans maybe just as filler and for some things that we don't want to paint and for effect. $10 bucks.

$143 for six
$181 for nine
$220 for twelve

We can do twelve if we have like at least 10 people willing to pitch in:
$220/10= $22 dollars a piece.
$180/10= $18
$140/10= $14

If you get 20 people, although I doubt it, it goes down to 11 bucks for the largest. That would be sweet if we could get 20 people. 15 people and it's down to $15 or $16.

If your down put your name down. If I can't get at least 10 we will go for a smaller version so our price doesn't go much above 20 a piece and can be much less with more people. A Six sheet will definitely happen no matter what, but we can drop it down to a nine sheet if we have to.

Everyone involved needs to pitch in to bring costs down for everybody. If you can be there by 8 a.m. bring a $20. If you can't be there til 10 a.m, bring a $20 and if you can come later and want to pitch in that's fine. Need at least 5 or so people there real early to pitch in because I don't think anyone wants to drop down all the money themselves but I can go in $50 in the morning if we and the others getting the materials have guarentee's from other people to show up later to help out and drop down some money. If we get like 15 or 20 people then you will get some money back, $5 or $10 bucks.

List(I don't know if the pricing or time changes things, so I'm listing everyone else that said they could pitch in as a maybe, until I get confirmation. Sorry, I don't think $20 bucks is a lot and no way in hell I can pay for this one myself. If you need taken off the list, let me know.):
Big Al +1 or 2
9 Rush
Drunk & Disorderly

This could be something pretty special, but we need commitment. With commitment it becomes cheap and easy for everyone. The more people pitching in the cheaper it gets.

Also, we should all PM each other designs to kind of have an idea of what we are going with. I don't know how great the design will be. But, I can bring my laptop and freehand some stuff. It took me about five hours to free hand and paint up my Captain America one. I can work on one square. And, if we got at least two other people with free hand ability then they can work on the two others where the design will be.


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