Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4/15/09: Crew Toronto Buses Update **Not Many Seats Left**

Ohh memories...
1. Police escort
2. Soaking wet
3. Annoying Dichio chants all game

Drinking Out Of The Trillum Cup... Priceless

The 54 seat HSH/CSU/La Turbina bus is near capacity. May possibly be 1 or 2 seats left, and may possibly be a waitlist for that. All I heard was that the bus was about capacity and they are looking to start a waitlist.

Also, Allen's bus is half sold out as of two days ago with (27 definitely confirmed/54) seats filled. If you are interested in Allen's bus then contact him ASAP - Get 3 of your friends to come, costs $170 each if you have a four bedroom and you will be at the same hotel as the players. More info here.

Last year, I don't think Allen had the one bus even half full last time 20 days before. So, to have 1 and a 1/2 buses filled this soon is great. With how fast the $100 buck supporters bus filled up (in less than a week). If we had the opportunity to take one, maybe even two more for that price we could fill them up as well for Chicago or DC. Had over 350 in Chicago last year, would like to take something crazy to DC like 500.

I also have gotten some emails about traveling up by yourself in groups, some people want to do an up and back in the same day. I'm not sure yet if there are Crew fan tickets for that as the two buses were allotted 108 and neither were given extra tickets yet. I would say that based on a couple emails and what I saw on bigsoccer there is an interest of 20 or 30 people driving up themselves. But, I don't know if the Crew fans can receive anymore tickets. If I hear anything on it I'll let you know.


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