Sunday, April 12, 2009

4/12/09: Last Night Might Have Been Just A Tie. But, The Crew Looked Very Good And Can Take ACTUAL Positives From This Game

Thoughts on last night's game:
**Schelotto continues to be a legend, 3 goals in 5 games. Two in the run of play which already matches his total from the run of play last year. The guy simply does not have any off days. And, seems to be even improving and learning continuously at 36. Schelotto might even have a better year then last year as he didn't have quite this effect on the scoreboard early in 2008. Schelotto already has half the goals he had in all of 2008 (6).

**Well, what do you know? Ekpo looks like a totally different player on the wing. Got the assist and was far more dangerous the entire night. No reason to blame Ekpo for his play before because he wasn't a central midfielder. It's like asking Hesmer to play central defender.

**Speaking of central defender. Big ups to Eric Brunner who had a fantastic debut if you ask myself or most Crew fans. If Marshall is okay I would like to see maybe more of Brunner and Marshall together in central defense if Brunner keeps this up. As Marshall and Brunner would be like twin towers on that backline and O'Rourke had a pretty shaky game. Only one who really did.

I think Brunner almost scored on a Marshall-esque header in the first half. Wouldn't that have been a great way to start the career.

**Adam Moffat was what the Crew were missing in midfield. His grit, determination, and never say die attitude in midfield was sorely missed. Thankfully he is back. Moffat being healthy may determine our season more then anything with Evans gone. Because I don't think we have anyone else who can play that position anywhere close to how Moffat did last night. At the end, Moffat sort of ran out of gas. But, should be more game fit against Chicago.

Overall, looked like a much more confident team and midfield with him back. Looked like Carroll had a partner back as well, instead of being the Lone Ranger in defensive midfield.

**Lenhart was dangerous when he came on. The problem is you never know what you're going to get this season. The first two times off the bench he looked totally ineffective. Last night he was a beast off the bench. Hopefully we see Lenhart unleash the beast more often.

**The Crew still need to learn how to finish their chances. Crew could and should have finished that game 3-1. But, there are ACTUALLY positives to take away from this game compared to the false positives of the others.

Even though the Crew tied they should be very pleased with their play. The Crew should rest and get back Hejduk, Rogers, and hopefully Marshall. Maybe, probably a long shot, Noonan as well.

Also, nobody in the East is running away with the lead. Even Chicago(8 points) had to battle for a late tie against San Jose. If the Crew(3 points) get a win against Chicago on the 25th they will have 6 points and will be right back in the hunt again.

Last night made me very confident that once we get a couple of guys back on the 25th and with the additions of Moffat again and Brunner(very good defensive pick up) we will be fine.


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