Saturday, March 7, 2009

3/8/09: Time For A Different Sales Pitch?

**According to "Association Football Wilderness" blog, the Crew are still using the gimmicky Beckham sales pitch over the "we have a championship quality team" sales pitch in some circumstances:

A representative from the Columbus Crew called me about a week ago, ostensibly following up on my experience at Crew Stadium for USA-Mexico. His real intention was to try to lure me back for Crew matches. No problem, as I will try to make a game or two, as I have done for the past two seasons, but his sales pitch included the opportunity to see David Beckham. Hilarious! I told him that I would have to go to Italy if I wanted to see Beckham, but he tried to assure me that Beckham would be back in MLS. It appears as though he may be partly correct, although I have my doubts that Beckham will come back for a dozen games at the end of the MLS season just to receive abuse from the stands and on the field.

With that sales pitch in mind (one I had to deal with before being an out of towner who really doesn't care about Beckham but the Crew), why not try to make new possible ticket holders Crew fans instead of Beckham fans. Atmosphere(Nordecke) and quality soccer(Crew) sales tickets in the long haul, not Beckham. Even my mom who's good time is either watching "The View" or going to book club knows that. I took my mom to the Beckham game and she said "what's the big deal? he is just like everyone else and there seem to be better players out there." And, my mom knows just about nothing when it comes to soccer except they kick a ball.

Maybe the new Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing will whip them into shape. Probably as important that the Crew finds someone that knows what they are doing in that department as someone to coach the team.

**I found this amusing for it's level of stupidity. A Cleveland Sports blog says "Columbus has nothing but the Ohio State Buckeyes football team, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the Columbus Crew. No one watches hockey, I could play MLS soccer, and OSU football won't be good for another two years. You can collectively add the talents of Columbus athletics, and they wouldn't come near LeBron James." And goes on to say that Cleveland is a better sports town because of the success of Div-III John Carroll Basketball, the Cleveland State Vikings, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Okay, first of all the Crew won a championship. Second, I'm a Browns, Cavs, and Indians fan if I have to pick someone in each professional sport but it's going to be a long time before Cleveland wins a professional sports championship. Even the Cavs will bungle it in the playoffs somehow, it's just what Cleveland does. And, after the Cavs bungle it LeBron is headed to the Knicks. On the other hand, the Crew are about to go for their second MLS Cup in a row, Ohio State is almost always in a top bowl game, and the Blue Jackets look like they can make a run for Stanley Cup as they crushed the defending champion Red Wings tonight 8-2 (clip below in the spirit of civic pride):

Add to that the Clippers new ball park along with the city being awarded events like UFC 96 and the Arnold Sports Festival, and Cleveland has nothing on Columbus at the moment. Don't see UFC 96 or the Arnold Sports Festival headed to Cleveland.

I don't like to talk bad about Cleveland because I have alot of love for that city too. But, seriously John Carroll, Cleveland State, and the Cavs. Call me when the Cavs actually win something.

**This is pure speculation on my part as I could have been just seeing things. But, I was at Brothers on Friday night and I swear I saw Emmanuel Ekpo and Stanley Nyazamba chilling on the dance floor for a while. If it was Nyazamba he was definitely working some magic on a hot blonde over near the bar. I get everyone including soccer players go out and have fun but it was still sort of cool to see. And, who knows, my eyes could have been playing tricks on me.

**Our news about the Crew never having any discussions with Palermo and the Crew salary reporting got some love over at MLS Daily and here. It's nice to see us in the news section for positive reporting, hopefully that's a sign of more good things to come.


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