Saturday, March 7, 2009

3/7/09: Crew Adament To Add Quality In Their Last Senior Spot?

It could be Ralph, it could be anybody. But, I wouldn't expect the Crew's last senior roster spot to go unfilled.

**Although my source said no new signings that we don't already know. I asked him about the Damani Ralph rumor anyways, "the Crew seem very adament about filling the final spot with a proven player, so maybe there's a chance."

I don't think Eric Brunner constitutes a proven player. But, I think that's the guy who is most likely to take up the final senior spot. I also read on top of the Crew's 100 K from Seattle, that each team received some extra allocation money from the league(can't think of where I saw that) and the Crew possibly has some extra allocation remaining from previous seasons.

Anyways, that last senior spot is waiting for someone and I don't think it's for any of our trialists or developmentals. And, even Brunner said to Mitchell that if he could work something out to get released by the Red Bulls, he wouldn't be adverse to joining the Crew on a developmental salary.

So, my guess is the Crew could tweak out some sort of deal with someone for 75K or less for the last senior spot. Ralph is proven in MLS, had injuries, hasn't played since earlier 2007. So, there is a possibility that they take a flyer on a formerily proven player with injuries.

Warzycha could use another striker like Ralph. Ralph doesn't seem to have many other solid options in better leagues. He needs a stepping stone first and he needs to pick up games again.

So, it's a slight possibility. Also, it could be a possibility of being anyone. I'm just not sure how many proven players you can sign for $50 or $75 K?


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