Saturday, March 7, 2009

3/7/09: Are Some Phenomonal Players Taking Salary Cuts To Stay With The Crew?

Crew getting more 'bang for their buck' as Rogers makes $92,500 and Hesmer makes $77,000.

According to the MLS Players Union 2009 Salaries Link, Robbie Rogers(Best XI MLS Player) and William Hesmer(2nd in MLS Goalkeeper of the Year voting) will only be receiving $92,500 and $77,000 respectively.

Are they agreeing to those numbers for a Love of Columbus? As of course either are worth more then their counterparts across MLS at their positions. Hesmer(1.14 Goals Against Average) makes $77,000 compared to Louis Crayton(1.58 GAA) who pulls in a whopping $171,000(Really? A SI spot and $171,000 for him, Crayton in my opinion is probably one of the worst GK starters in MLS), Dario Sala(1.32 GAA) makes $140,000, Kevin Hartman(1.30 GAA) makes $165,000, Donovan Ricketts who has yet to play a game for LA makes a cool $150,000, and Greg Sutton(1.46 GAA) makes $157,500 for TFC. Also pool goalkeepers(Miguel Benitez, Bryant Rueckner, and Christopher Sharpe) who sit around all year waiting for injuries make almost half what Hesmer does at $34,000.

In Rogers case it even gets more ridicoulous in regards to his positional counterparts. Rogers(6 goals, 3 assists, BEST XI) pulls in $92,500 compared to Justin Mapp(2 goals, 6 assists) who makes $220,000, Pablo Richetti(3 assists) makes $145,000, Marcelo Saragosa makes $120,000(1 goal, 2 assists), Brian Mullan(3 goals, 5 assists) makes $171,000, Maurcio Castro(3 assists) makes $120,000, and the most ridicoulous signing in MLS history, Juan "I could probably play better than him" Pietrovallo(1 assist) pulls in a cool $205,000.

I find Rogers salary kind of bewildering because a Crew fan could make an argument that Robbie is the best player on the team, just as a Crew fan could make an argument for Marshall or Guillermo. And, I don't think anyone would laugh at them for it. Also, even more bewildering in terms of earning the money is that Crew midfielder Pat Noonan pulls in a cool $175,008 for 1 goal and 1 assist in 2008, compared to Rogers $92,500. Although to be fair Noonan didn't receive enough opportunities under Schmid and that's a multi-year deal.

On the field, I would say that Rogers is near the best player. In the run of play, even better than Schelotto, mostly out of youth, speed, etc. On restarts, Schelotto is better. The only thing that gets Schelotto the big money ($750,000 compared to Rogers) is Guillermo's ability on set pieces and it's of course well deserved. 7 goals and 19 assists deserves that sort of salary.

I also just find it sort of remarkable that Rogers only pulls in $12 K more then Duncan(makes $80,000) who probably saw the first team twice all year. I think Duncan and Garey in regards to their lack of playing time have the best gigs.

Garey(making $52,500) is probably considered the third choice striker, after Moreno and Lenhart. I think Garey can hold his own and had a hell of a better year being a sub then he had as being a full time starter with the Crew, I sung his praises quite often last year especially after the New England 4-0 game, but man I think my mom makes around $52 K as a school nurse for the 20th or something year. Nice gig playing soccer for that type of money.


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