Friday, March 6, 2009

3/6/09: More Writers, Better Professionalism Out of Crewture, Other News

(Pic by: Bigsoccer contributor Finnegan's Wake)

**First, I want to start off by saying have you guys received your new season ticket pack? They look sharp. Has to get you pumped, 22 days! And, only 15 until we are all in Ruby's or Tommy Keegan's watching the Crew beat up on the Dynamo. Unfornately for me at least, my tickets were sent to my family's house in Pennsylvania, even though I live in Columbus and the Crew know my C-Bus address. So, I haven't yet experienced that warm cuddily feeling of holding my tickets. I'm jealous of you all.

**Second, I will have a new writer posting soon that I'm pretty stoked about. His name is Jake Deering, a Columbus native who goes to school at the University of Milwaukee.

Jake suggested the following topics to discuss: MLS salary Caps and allocation money, designated players and sponsorships, One League table/Playoff system, how the Crew compares to European and South American/Mexican competition, Guille's reputation in South America (Jake's actually going to Argentina in a week and plans to do a little research on him and his following there.)

Writers like Jake and ShadyMM are what I'm looking for to take this website to the next level. I'm in law school and find it hard at times to get the time to write original pieces like I did in undergrad (first 5-6 months of Crewture). I feel if I had a couple more dedicated writers who wrote original news(1-3 articles a week), it would free up some time for me to research and post 3 or 4 good articles myself, instead of just having to reguratate others news at times.

**Third, I took a hypothetical look in the mirror when it comes to my website last night. Stories like the "ACES" thing with Seattle, although it got hits and comments, isn't the way to get hits and comments. Of course Crewture is still going to find some time to poke fun at TFC and Chicago. But, hopefully in a more educated manner. When their fans do something boneheaded, we are still going to call them out, but not 24/7. Also, less contraversy and less cussing in posts.

I also want to apoligize for anyone that I may have offended ever either on this website or on the bigsoccer community. I'm still only 22 and still working on growing up. My insane and overbearing passon and pride in the Crew sometimes gets the best of me.

Anyways, Massive Radio will be starting back up soon. I also hope to get a video camera before the season to tape 7-10 minute game day videos from the supporters prespective (from whaking up to leaving Ruby's at midnight, it's definately a full day event every week). Further, I hope to get and I'm going to be a little more proactive at seeking interviews. I need more original content on this website.

Finally, this website gets a good ammount of hits a day. If anyone, doesn't matter the level of your writing skills or whether you have become a Crew fan today or since 1996, can write. Get your opinions out there on the Crew to a large audience, become a personality on this website, write about anything. Help this website grow into something professional and something Crew fans can be proud to read, instead of occasionally shaking their heads at. My goal since the beginning was to make this a Crew supporters culture site, I wanted 20 Crew fans posting stuff every week. I can have up to a 100 and that would be MASSIVE. Don't hesitate to ask and I'll give you access.

Cheers and Go Crew in 2009.


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