Friday, March 6, 2009

3/6/09: Crew "A Real Credit To Their League, Their Country, And Their Club;" English Praise Crew's Attitude

I thought this was a very cool excerpt on the kind of team the Crew is, most of us already know it. But, for others who haven't gone to the Crew Casino Night or haven't took 1,750 pictures with Gino Padula and the MLS Cup trophy coming off the plane from Los Angeles, here you go. From "Rain Wrecks Crew's Trip" By Ian Whiting:

Guiseley’s game was called off at 6.15pm and the Crew squad were just ten minutes away on their team bus at that point.

Guiseley Assistant Manager Wayne Benn said: “They didn’t turn around and go back to their hotel in Liverpool, they carried on and joined us at Nethermoor. They came and greeted our players and staff and the fans who were in the clubhouse.

“I really felt for them because they had travelled for two hours but couldn’t play at the end of it. They are only in the country for eight or nine days and wanted three games but only had the two.

“They didn’t let it affect their mood. They were very nice people. They looked around our ground, shook hands with everybody and anybody, had a bite to eat with us and handed out some goodies to promote their club.

“They were a real credit to their league, their country and their club.

“They came to England last year, this year and hope to come next year and told us they would be happy to play us if it can be arranged.


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