Friday, March 6, 2009

3/6/09: Crew Never Had Any Discussions With Palermo, Not One Discussion

Crew fans ran with Palermo's words about wanting to play with Schelotto, no discussions ever occurred. Not one discussion.

I finally have a confidential source who is pretty close to things. About time I get one. (Italics are my words).

1# "No Palermo." Exact words, in fact the Crew never even had ANY discussions with Boca.

2# We are not looking to add anyone who is not already known (draftees, trialists, Brunner, etc.).... No new unknown signings.

It seems the Crew are pretty tight on cap space.

Today, that site not to be named says Damani Ralph is pulling interest from the Crew according to Carribbean sources. I have seen absolutely nothing online. Although that would be nice, not happening unless he is coming for 75 K or less.

3# We also may be getting some extra games.


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