Friday, March 6, 2009

3/6/09: 'Manly' Columbus

UFC 96, Arnold "The Terminator" Schrawzenegger Sports Festival, OSU, Blue Jackets, Clippers, Crew, and Hooligans too.

From the Columbus Underground:
Columbus claims Top 10 ranking as a ‘manly’ city

Guys have a reason to high-five in Columbus and two other Ohio cities that are named among the top-10 manliest places in America. Columbus is No. 7 in a new ranking for manliness based on criteria such as the number of major-league sports teams, popularity of tools and hardware and frequency of monster-truck rallies.

My random thoughts on 'Manly' Columbus: Today I walked to the Short North after class to eat a Gyro Platter at the Happy Greek, and the Arnold Schwarznegger Sports Festival was going on, it was a pretty 'manly' scene. Also I went to Gaswerks last night and it was pretty 'manly' with the ratio like 8 dudes for every girl, lame. Oh, and almost every other Saturday at Park Street Patio everyone with no fighting skills goes to watch UFC, pretty 'manly'. And, anyone who can drink 15 beers in a day (average Nordecke Crew fan on a Saturday from March to October) is pretty 'manly' in my book as well.

Arnold in C-Bus last year for the festival:

(Pic by: AP/Jay LaPrete)

Check out the website here for the Arnold Sports Festival. Kind of cool as I had no clue about it being relatively new to Columbus. Has everything from bodybuilding, arm wrestling, a 5K, gymnastics, martial arts, table tennis, boxing, archery, and fencing. Entry from Friday to Sunday is $10 bucks at the Convention Center downtown.


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