Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3/3/09: Senate Resolution Introduced For The Crew, Constutional Bloggers Whine

**Senator George Voinovich [R-OH] referred a bill yesterday in the Senate to the Committee on the Judiciary. Senate Resolution 61(S. Res. 61) is "a resolution commending the Columbus Crew Major League Soccer Team for winning the 2008 Major League Soccer Cup." Track the progress of the bill in the upcoming days here. Also, here is a blog, The Liberty Maven, complaing about S. Res. 61 along with about 10 other "fluffy" House and Senate resolutions:

"Since the Constitution of the United States specifically enumerates the powers of the federal government and leaves everything else up to the discretion of the states, these items are clearly not legal (opposing findings of the Supreme Court notwithstanding, since the Constitution is the “Supreme Law of the Land”, not the Supreme Court). Yet, they’re spending your money on it. Have you contacted your representatives lately?"

First off, they are perfectly legal. Congress can pass any resolution it wants domestically as long as Congress doesn't ask the States to act (do something). Congress can ask a State to act if it's underneath the Commerce Clause, otherwise it can only tell States to stop doing an action. A resolution commending the Crew has nothing to do with telling a State to act or not to act, nor does it have anything to do with Commerce. It's just saying "good job Crew, were commeding you." Secondly, I have to figure that a resolution commending the Crew on Winning the MLS Cup costs near to nothing along with most of the resolutions, The Liberty Maven, whines about on that list.


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