Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3/3/09: Crew Coverage Rising Astronomically Locally, Online

If anything expect Crew coverage to double in 2009.

Some Crew fans have been concerned that an April 3rd lay off of 45 workers at the Columbus Dispatch will effect Crew news. According to some hypotheticals I saw it should not affect the main players at the Dispatch who contribute Crew news (Shawn Mitchell, Mike Arace, and occasionally Bob Hunter). Also, the Dispatch will be running a new partnership with ONN called crewxtra.com (ONN if you haven't heard will be covering Crew games through the 2011 season at least). Overall, with the crewextra.com website, it seems if anything the Dispatch will be revving up more coverage.

Even if they scale back a little, with... Shawn Mitchell's blog, Mike Arace(who I doubt would go anywhere with brillant articles like this along with his versatility with Blue Jackets, Crew, etc.), Columbus Alive, Chris Deville's Blog at Columbus Alive, Nordecke Luchador, ONN, Patrick's An American Game, Sirk, Black and Gold Standard, Massive Radio, Sam's pics, Craig Merz, and myself here at Crewture. I think your covered with your Crew news and coverage in 2009.

I also plan to add more to the news front by implementing some game day fan videos that go through the whole experience of gameday and some other original material by the start of the season.


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