Monday, March 2, 2009

3/2/09: Soccer America Fumbles Over Nordecke's Meaning And The Reason Behind Nordecke's Creation

No matter Soccer America's claims below, as far as I can recall none of the Supporters Groups founded dates are March 28, 2008. (Photo by: Sam Fahmi)

From Soccer America:
BMO Field regularly sells out for MLS games, and the team is covered extensively in local newspapers and on radio and TV stations. About 2,000 members of its "Red Army" traveled to Columbus last year and so thoroughly out-chanted and out-cheered the three Crew fan clubs that they banded together for subsequent games to form the Nordecke ("North Deck").

First, I don't get what is so hard about pronouncing and correctly defining Nordecke, all it takes is a little research. Soccer America meet Wikipedia, Wikipedia meet Soccer America. Nordecke (Nor-deck-ah) means "North Corner." It takes a second on wikipedia, all you have to do is type in "Columbus Crew" and the wiki page has a nice pronouncation key and definition. I have heard ESPN, FSC, even the Crew FO have slipped up and said "Nor-deck" which sounds like something you would find at Lowe's, and now Soccer America get's it way wrong.

It does not mean "North Deck" it means "North Corner." Heck, even babelfish could have helped them out. As Rodney Dangerfield might say, "No respect" for the Nordecke.

Secondly, I guess according to Soccer America, Toronto FC created the Crew supporter. Hate to break it to them, but the Crew supporter has been around for 10 more years then TFC's team. Also, the burgeoning Nordecke movement started from 2005 to 2007 seasons with better organization through the new groups of Columbus Supporters Union, Hudson Street Hooligans, and La Turbina Amarilla. And, even starts before that with V-Army and the Northenders.

Also the groups decided to band together months before the TFC game, not after.

The only difference between 2007 and 2008 were that the groups were in three different locations instead of one. In 2008, they came together and grew. It had nothing to do with Soccer America's ridicoulous presumption that it was all Toronto FC. But, as we all know Toronto FC invented everything.


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