Sunday, March 1, 2009

3/2/09: Crew FO May Be Learning That More Fans Not Wearing Red Is Probably Better, Sets Cut Off Date

This never happens. (Pic via: Sjgardnier's photostream)

According to a Canadian Blog "The 24th Minute", The Columbus Crew's F.O. gave the Toronto supporter's groups a cut-off date of Feb 28 to request tickets for the March 28 game between the Crew and TFC. Thankfully, the Crew front office may finally be learning that it's not a good idea to be embarrassed in your own stadium. Hopefully, the Crew can sell out most of the rest of the stadium to drown out the "Soft Bladder Boys."

The known numbers are:

Red Patch Boys - 665
U-Sector - 183
North End Elite - 87
"We Deserve Better" banners - 2
"We Deserve Butter" banners - 2
Chants about healthcare - 7

Total of SGs: 935
Total banners about deserving something: 4
Total chants about healthcare: 7

My thoughts: Nice write up, worth a read of the whole thing as it pretty much describes the Crew vs. TFC drama fest in full. As for the TFC numbers, not nearly up to the 5,000 or so they claimed made it to Columbus last year. Hopefully, they are getting sick of visiting (it has to be hard leaving Toronto, the Rome of the New World).

And, looks like the Columbus hate fest is in full force with this travel tip, must be March:
Want a hot travel tip? Columbus Crew away on March 28th. In total there are more then 1000 TFC fans headed to that dump.

Ok, well that's enough for now. I'm going to go puke(happens to anyone after reading 10 minutes of TFC smack talk).


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