Thursday, March 19, 2009

3/19/09: Thursday Quoteables

Brunner finally in Crew gear.

**Warzycha Seems In Good Spirits After Practice Yesterday, From Mitchell's Ex-OSU Star Joins Crew:

The season opener against the Dynamo in Robertson Stadium will be Warzycha's first game as head coach (not including his interim stint in 2005). Is he worried after a lackluster series of preseason practices and games in Austin, Texas, last week?

"Excited," Warzycha said. "I feel more relaxed because of what I saw on the field (yesterday). The players did well. I was pleased with the intensity and the attitude. That's the team I remember from last year."

**An interesting article from Martin Rogers entitled "Tough Challenges For MLS." I liked this quote:

While smaller markets like Columbus, Toronto, and Seattle are flourishing, explosive growth in the bigger cities is hard to come by.

That's right the Massive Crew is flourishing.

** Crew Counterattack on whether they can win back-to-back.

**Fan Code of Conduct. Kind of lame since you know were all adults. Feels like we are back in kindergarden if you ask me.


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