Wednesday, March 18, 2009

3/18/09: Ekpo Unplugged- Ready For Challenge

(G. Bartram/Getty Images)

Nice article by Craig Merz entitled "Ekpo Hopes to Seize Opportunity" along with some nice quotes from Manu:

"Centerfield midfield is where I started playing football. I'm OK with that. Even back home in the national team camp I play center mid," said the member of Nigeria's silver medal team at the 2008 Summer Olympics. "There's difference in the positioning. I prefer playing in the center mid. I can play the wide side but I prefer to play in the middle."

"I'm beginning to get used to the way to play soccer here in America so I think I'll be OK," Ekpo said. "In MLS, there's a lot of running, people on the ball and off the ball. That's quite different than the way we play back home where the ball does most of the running. Here, even without the ball you need to run because everyone is running. I'm a soccer player so I like to run ... but not all the time."

Real talk right there, :-).

And, Alejandro Moreno on Manu in 2009:
"It's important now that Manu becomes a box-to-box player and covers as much space as some other guys have in the past," forward Alejandro Moreno said. "Manu is a different player than, say, Brad Evans at the end of the season or even Adam Moffat earlier last year.

"He's a more technical player, perhaps a guy more offensive oriented. It will take some time for us to get a rhythm but when Manu's quick with the ball and when he allows us to change the point of attack with some speed and a change of pace then we become very dangerous. The more he does that and the more he allows us to get balls into the space the better off we'll be."


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