Monday, March 16, 2009

3/16/09: Humor- LA Signs English Bobby As Coach

"I really wanna be in LA" proclaims Surrey cop. (Pic by: BBC)

I saw on BBC's website that LA has hired a new spurious coach to take them to the top. In an odd story way to good to pass up, Bruce will be joined by amatuer kids coach and English cop Andy Bridgman as an assistant coach for the LA Galaxy. This acquisition shows us once again why LA are a quality side like Ringling Bros. is a quality circus (SAT analogy for all Crew high school senior fans out there). Minus the mocking, at least the Manchester United of The Hills knows that to have a first class side you must have one coach with an English accent. Doesn't matter if that coach has coached a professional side or seven year olds on the weekends.

Not funny Crewfighter.

Let's just hope for the love of Ray J(I'm overdoing the hip realty tv references, aren't I?) the Galaxy don't make a Disney movie out of this. Or that it doesn't turn into a Julie Foudy storyline for one of the 3700 LA games we will be subjected to on ESPN this year.


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