Monday, March 16, 2009

3/16/09: Brunner, Brunner, Brunner..

What's more exciting, in your opinion, the Beckham-AC Milan vs. LA drama or the Brunner trade saga? Both have turned into laborious deals. At least I found a new Brunner pic. (Pic by: Soccer By Ives)

Anyways, from, who believes that apparently the Crew and the Red Bulls worked it out. But, now the Crew must make a deal with Miami FC? Really? I'm pretty sure Brunner didn't sign a multi-year deal with Miami FC. Why would Brunner do that if he expected there was a strong possibility to be back in MLS this year? Further, Miami FC may not even be around this year since they only sold 1,000 out of the needed 5,000 season tickets to continue operation. Hmm..

"- Eric Brunner will join Columbus, assuming a transfer deal gets done between the Crew and USL-1 club Miami F.C. The Crew have apparently sealed a deal with New York to acquire Brunner's MLS rights."


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