Saturday, March 14, 2009

3/15/09: Roster In Focus, Crew To Get Brunner After All?

Crew's 2007 Fourth Round Pick Kevin Burns rejoins the Crew and Gets That Roster Spot as a Developmental. Burns was with the Rochester Rhinos of the USL-1 in 2007 and with the Crew in 2008 but made no appearances.

Things change by the hours apparently and the roster seems to be in final focus, Mitchell says the Crew will get their man Eric Brunner:
--The roster is coming into final focus. Expect a trade for Eric Brunner to be completed and the former Ohio State defender to be signed to the last senior spot. Kevin Burns is set to take the developmental spot soon to be vacated by Kenny Schoeni. The developmental squad will include Burns, Zayner, Cory Elenio and Alex Grendi.

No Heinemann, No Gerstenberger, No Shipalane, and No Clements. Also, Gaven rolled his ankle but should be fine and Rogers did not play tonight because of a slight hammy issue.

Crew Lineup Included:
William Hesmer, Frankie Hejduk, Chad Marshall, Danny O’Rourke, Gino Padula, Eddie Gaven (Jed Zayner 76), Brian Carroll, Emmanuel Ekpo (Kevin Burns 62), Alex Grendi (Cory Elenio 62), Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Steven Lenhart 74), Alejandro Moreno


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