Saturday, March 14, 2009

3/15/09: Brunner? Not So Fast?

Headed back to the USL, perhaps? (Pic by: Miami FC)

I received this from someone in the Big Apple that I met at Ruby's during USA vs. Mexico pre-festival celebrations (no not Ives) that seems to have decent credentials with NYRB and I have heard it from a couple others. I think it's good enough to pass along:

Contrary to reports, things aren't looking too good for Brunner with Columbus at the moment because NYRB still want a player for him, not draft picks, and the Crew dont want to give anybody up. New York wants him to go on their developmental roster but Brunner doesn't want to do that so he's probably going to end up back at Miami if the Crew (or Red Bull...if they decide to take draft picks) don't change their minds.

The price appears to be still too high for Brunner. However, possibly the Red Bulls cave in and take a draft pick? And, it's possible that my USA vs. Mexico drinking buddy isn't up on the latest news as things change daily especially as the season approaches and rosters are solidfied. Although the 'contrary', which I figure has to do with the contrary news of the Crew possibly working out a deal with Brunner because he has made a trip to Texas with the Crew, sways me to think there is nothing close to concrete yet. I also received this around 11 p.m. Saturday although I have heard elsewhere as well that the Brunner deal isn't close to done.


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