Saturday, March 14, 2009

3/14/09: Fitness

Ekpo fit for a full season? (Pic by: Associated Press)

While talking about the Crew's replacements for Brad Evans, Steve Davis of pointed out that Moffat was the favorite as a replacement since he beat out Evans in 2008. But, since Moffat is out for the beginning of the season it looks like Emmanuel Ekpo will be rewarded the spot. However, Warzycha pointed out the biggest concern with Ekpo is whether he has the game fitness for 90 minutes of continuous action in 2009. Here's the excerpt:

[The Crew] also have Emmanuel Ekpo, the dynamic, slashing and dashing midfielder who looks so packed with potential. While Warzycha lists other candidates, it looks like the spot is Ekpo's to lose for now.

"Fitness is going to be big for him," Warzycha said. "Game fitness is different than practice fitness. We are gonna have a lot of games this year, and the question is whether he's going to be fit for those games."

I'm not a coaching expert or anything. But, I wouldn't be too worried about the quick 21 year old Emmanuel's fitness. Interesting comment. Do they expect Ekpo to play a full season this year or is there a real fitness concern for a 21 year old kid? What do you think?


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