Friday, March 13, 2009

3/13/09: Crew Get Their Man Brunner?

Expect the Crew to bolster their defense with the signing of local Dublin, OH native Eric Brunner. Will he occupy the last senior spot? (Pic by: Getty Images)

In yesterday's preseason game against St. Edwards University, I found it interesting that Eric Brunner was in the Crew's lineup and started the entire game. I figured the only way that Brunner could be with the Crew this late in the preseason is if a trade had occurred. Apparently, the important papers are still being passed around but I'm pretty confident that Brunner will be or has been signed by the Crew.

It appears that Shawn Mitchell is of the same opinion:
The Crew is playing this one a bit coy, but expect a trade with the Red Bulls for Brunner's rights to be announced in the near future, probably for a future (and maybe conditional) draft pick.

Also here.


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