Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3/10/09: Say "Cheese!"

Looks like the club updated some photos of the players on thecrew.com

Crew players have been know for their photo antics before in the past, just take a look at any of the team photos when Todd Yeagley and Brian Maisonneuve, but I think some locker room wagering might be happening with these four guys.

First off we have the two nominees for "Smile Like a Sounder" category.

Jed Zayner

Steven Lenhart

Last but not least the two nominees in the category for "Jesus-Look-A-Like"

Frankie Hejduk

Gino Padula

Either the photographer caught Jed Zayner mid-sneeze or he's looking to get paid. He's got my vote. I also think Gino has it locked up. Frankie looks like he's wondering if the 6-pack he drank last night would disqualify him from this category.

Post your votes and we'll crown a winner.


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